22nd April

Premier Division

Blackstones     0 0 Woodford
Boston          2 1 Stotfold
Bourne          2 0 St Neots
Cogenhoe        4 1 Buckingham
Desborough      4 0 Harrowby
Long Buckby     3 1 Yaxley
N.Spencer       0 0 Deeping
Potton          4 1 Ford Sports
S/L Corby       0 2 Raunds
Wootton         0 1 Newport Pagnell

1st April

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United  3 2 Bourne Town 
Holbeach United  0 1 Woodford United 
Newport Pagnell  3 0 Harrowby United 
Northampton Spen 1 1 Potton United 
St Ives Town     0 0 Raunds Town 
St Neots Town    4 1 Ford Sports Daventry 
Stotfold         1 1 Boston Town 
Wootton Blue Cro 1 2 Blackstones 
Yaxley           0 2 Long Buckby
On a blustery afternoon at Compton Park. The visitors took an eleventh minute lead against the wind through Sam Bettinson, 5 minutes later the visitors were reduced to 10 men for a straight red card for raising a hand against Dan Burke. The Cooks were on terms after 26 minutes when Rob Goldring tapped in when a mix up occured between the visiting Keeper and one of his defenders. With two minutes of the first half remaining Fazel Koriya put the "Cooks" in front. Justin McKenzie came off the bench to seal Cogenhoe's success with three minutes remaining, although the Wakes did cut the deficit through Chris Gray in the last minute of the contest.

25th March

Premier Division

Boston           1 0 Buckingham
Bourne           3 2 Desborough
Deeping          1 0 Newport Pagnell
Holbeach         5 1 Ford Sports
Long Buckby      1 1 S/L Corby
St Ives          2 1 Blackstones
St Neots         3 0 Harrowby
Stotfold         4 2 Cogenhoe
Woodford         1 0 Wootton
Yaxley           0 0 Potton

18th March

Premier Division

Blackstones         2 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby 
Buckingham Town     0 2 Holbeach United 
Deeping Rangers     1 1 Stotfold 
Desborough Town     1 2 Bourne Town 
Ford Sports Daventr 2 2 St Neots Town 
Harrowby United     0 3 Cogenhoe United 
Newport Pagnell     1 0 Raunds Town 
Northampton Spencer 1 0 Boston Town 
St Ives Town        0 2 Long Buckby 
Woodford United     1 0 Potton United 
Wootton Blue Cross  1 3 Yaxley
Harrowby weren't disgraced against the champions but their 30th defeat of the season ensured they will finish bottom of the Premier table. Old stager Darren Collins gave Cogenhoe the lead after 18 minutes with his 22nd goal of the campaign and Fazel Koriya added a second for the champions six minutes before the interval. Neil Champelovier rounded off the scoring twenty minutes from time.

11th March

Premier Division

Boston Town     4 0 St Ives Town 
Bourne Town     3 2 Ford Sports Daventry 
Buckingham Town 0 3 Desborough Town 
Deeping Rangers 0 5 Northampton Spencer 
Long Buckby     1 2 St Neots Town 
Newport Pagnell 1 1 Stotfold 
Raunds Town     0 2 Potton United 
S  & L Corby    2 0 Cogenhoe United 
Woodford United 2 0 Yaxley
It was unlucky thirteen for the champions at Occupation Road as this defeat by S&L all but ended their bid to retain the title after a twelve match unbeaten run. Derek Simmons gave S&L a 25th minute lead and Greig McIlwain sealed the home side's success with his second goal in two matches since return to S&L colours

7th March

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 2 1 St Ives Town 
St Neots Town   2 0 Bourne Town
Goals early and late saw champions Cogenhoe to victory on St Ives' first top flight trip to Compton Park. Darren Collins' twelfth goal in the last six matches gave the Cooks a 3rd minute lead, but they were pegged back after 58 minutes when Craig Donaldson scored from the penalty spot for St Ives after Lloyd Howard was brought down by Cooks keeper Pete Earl. Just two minutes remained when substitute Simon Underwood scored the Cogenhoe winner to keep them in championship contention. The win was Cogenhoe's 10th in a dozen unbeaten outings.

4th March

Premier Division

Bourne Town     3 1 Newport Pagnell Town  
Cogenhoe United 4 4 Boston Town  
Ford Sports     1 0 Deeping Rangers  
Long Buckby     1 1 Blackstones  
Potton United   2 1 Holbeach United  
St Ives Town    2 0 Harrowby United  
S & L Corby     2 2 Buckingham Town  
Stotfold        1 3 Desborough Town  
Wootton Blue    2 4 Woodford United  
Yaxley          0 1 Northampton Spencer
Forth verses fifth produced an 8 goal thriller. Darren Collins scored after less than 2 minutes to give the "Cooks" an early lead, Boston equalised after 15 minutes when they headed home from a free kick. On the half hour DC doubled his goal tally to give the "Cooks" the lead at half time. Half way through the second half Boston again found the net to tie the game one again, 10 minutes later Boston took the lead for the first time in the match. The "Cooks" never let their heads drop though and Darren Collins instantly replied to re-tie the game for the third time and complete his hat trick. Before Boston could believe they had lost the lead, Cogenhoe had retaken the lead with a screaming half volley from Steve Diggin. Five minutes from the end Boston were awarded another free kick on the edge of the 18 Yard box to finish the game with a point a piece.

25th February

Premier Division

Blackstones     3 0 Wootton
Boston          5 1 N.Spencer
Deeping         2 6 Cogenhoe
Ford Sports     0 1 Yaxley
Holbeach        0 3 St Neots
Long Buckby     1 2 Stotfold
Newport Pagnell 0 0 Bourne
Potton          4 2 Buckingham
Raunds          2 1 Harrowby
St Ives         1 1 Desborough
Woodford        0 0 S/L Corby

18th February

League Cup

Cogenhoe        5 2 Desborough
Yaxley          5 3 Ford Sports

Premier Division 

Boston          1 1 Woodford
Buckingham      P P St Neots
Bourne          1 1 Long Buckby
Harrowby        1 2 Potton
N.Spencer       1 0 Blackstones
Raunds          2 0 Deeping
St Ives         1 3 Holbeach
S/L Corby       0 4 Newport Pagnell
Stotfold        2 2 Wootton

Desborough took the lead half way through the first half, 5 minutes before the interval the "Cooks" were given a free kick on the corner of the 18 yard box. Fazel Koriya took the free kick which eluded everybody and curled in at the far post to square the game. The second half started far better for the home side with Richard Bunting hitting a 20 yard screemer to take the lead, less than 2 minutes later Darren (god) Collins further increased the lead. Darren also scored his second and cogenhoe 4th to make the contest all but over. The "Cooks" 5th was hit by Tom Mcgowan which looked easily saved by the visiting keeper but the ball slipped through his hands and between his legs to complete the rout. Desborough claimed their second on 90 minutes.

11th February

Premier Division

Blackstones     7 0 Harrowby United  
Bourne Town     0 0 Buckingham Town  
Deeping Rangers 1 1 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby  
Desborough Town 1 0 Raunds Town  
Ford Sports     1 1 Stotfold  
Holbeach United 0 1 Long Buckby  
Newport Pagnell 0 1 Cogenhoe United  
Potton United   4 1 Yaxley  
St Neots Town   4 1 Boston Town  
Woodford United 6 0 St Ives Town  
Wootton Blue    0 2 Northampton Spencer

4th February

Premier Division

Boston Town     4 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Buckingham Town 1 1 Blackstones 
Cogenhoe United 2 1 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby 
Desborough Town 1 3 Yaxley 
Ford Sports     0 1 Bourne Town 
Harrowby United 1 3 Wootton Blue Cross 
Long Buckby     1 3 Potton United 
Northampton     1 2 Raunds Town 
Stotfold        1 1 Deeping Rangers 
Woodford United 4 0 Holbeach United
A double strike from veteran striker Darren Collins kept Cogenhoe's bid for a second successive top flight title on course. Stewarts & Lloyds took a third minute lead through Bobby Drain but Collins put the Cooks on terms two minutes later. Collins won it for Cogenhoe after 20 minutes.

28th January

Premier Division

Blackstones     3 v 2 Stotfold
Bourne          1 v 3 N.Spencer
Deeping         0 v 2 Woodford
Ford Sports     2 v 3 Harrowby
Holbeach        1 v 3 Buckingham
Long Buckby     P v P Yaxley
Newport Pag.    2 v 1 Desborough
Potton          4 v 2 S/L Corby
Raunds          0 v 1 Cogenhoe
St Ives         1 v 3 Boston
St Neots        3 v 1 Wootton

Cogenhoe maintained their outside chance of back to back championships alive as they pipped hosts Raunds by a single goal at Kiln Park. A lone strike by midfielder Neil Champrlovier after seven minutes proved sufficient to decide this contest in Cogenhoe's favour as they made it seven matches without defeat.

21st January

Premier Division

Boston          1 0 Ford Sports
Bourne          1 2 Raunds
Buckingham      1 1 Potton
Desborough      4 0 Newport Pagnell
Harrowby        1 4 Deeping
Long Buckby     0 3 Cogenhoe
N.Spencer       1 0 Holbeach
St Ives         1 2 Stotfold
St Neots        2 1 Blackstones
Wootton         3 0 S/L Corby
Yaxley          0 2 Woodford

17th January

League Cup

Cogenhoe United 10 0 Daventry Town
The Premier Division champions ran riot as they overwhelmed the last Division One representatives in the competition to book a home quarter final with Desborough. Three goals in the opening eleven minutes all but ended the contest with Elliott Sandy opening the scoring after four minutes and scoring his second four minutes later. There was no respite for Town as Rob Goldring put his name on the scoresheet after 11 minutes and he was soon joined there by Richard Bunting after 20 minutes and Fazel Koriya after 32.

Cogenhoe kept up the pressure after the break with three goals in the space of three minutes . Bunting scored his second after 52 minutes, Liam O'Reilly's own goal followed sixty second s later and Simon Underwood made it eight after 55 minutes. Goldring completed his hat trick with further goals after 69 and 74 minutes.

14th January

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 1 0 St Neots Town  
Deeping Rangers 4 1 Desborough Town  
Harrowby United 1 5 Stotfold  
Holbeach United 0 4 Wootton Blue Cross  
Newport Pagnell 3 0 Yaxley  
Potton United   2 1 Long Buckby  
Raunds Town     1 1 Blackstones  
St Ives Town    0 2 Northampton Spencer  
Woodford United 3 0 Bourne Town
The "Cooks" were looking for their 5th win in 6 games, and it looked hopefull when Darren Collins missed 2 good chances in the first 10 minutes. The "Cooks" had at least 6 chances to take the lead in the first half but just could not put the ball in the net. The second half started as the first half had ended with more missed chances for the "Cooks". Half way through the second half St Neots were reduced to 10 men for a second bookable offence. But even with an extra man on the pitch Cogenhoe could still not brake the dead lock. With less then 10 minutes on the clock Darren Collins heade against the bar the ball dropped down onto the line, Darren was fastest to react and manged to poke it across the line to take all 3 points.

7th January

Premier Division

Blackstones     2 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Boston Town     2 2 Cogenhoe United 
Bourne Town     1 2 Potton United  
Desborough Town 1 0 Holbeach United 
St Neots Town   2 1 Woodford United 
Wootton Blue    4 2 Raunds Town 
Yaxley          3 2 Stotfold
A point apiece was of little use to either sides' title ambitions at Tattershall Road. Boston took the lead through Carl Basker two minutes before half time but veteran campaigner Darren Collins levelled for Cogenhoe after 67 minutes. Another old stager Gary Bull put the Poachers back in front with eleven minutes remaining, but four minutes later a second Collins goal gave the titleholders their point.

31st December

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 2 0 Long Buckby 
Ford Sports     0 4 Woodford United 
Harrowby United 1 1 Desborough Town 
Newport Pagnell 0 0 Buckingham Town 
S & L Corby     2 0 Bourne Town 
Stotfold        0 3 Northampton Spencer
Goals at either end of the match made it an unhappy return to Compton Park for Buckby's ex-Cogenhoe boss Aidy Mann as his side suffered a sixth defeat in succession. Adam Knight gave the reigning champions the lead just three minutes in but they were unable to kill off the Buckby challenge until the 89th minute when Elliott Sandy made the points safe for Cogenhoe who have now collected maximum points from their holiday programme to keep them on the fringe of the championship race

26th December

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 3 0 Northampton Spencer 
Ford Sports     4 1 Long Buckby 
Harrowby United 2 2 Bourne Town 
Holbeach United 6 0 Boston Town 
Newport Pagnell 2 0 Wootton Blue Cross 
Potton United   1 0 Stotfold 
Raunds Town     1 1 Yaxley 
St Neots Town   2 1 St Ives Town 
S & L Corby     1 1 Desborough Town 
Woodford United 5 2 Buckingham Town  

17th December

Premier Division

League Cup
Cogenhoe United 3 2 Blackstones
St Neots Town   2 2 Woodford United 
After extra time. St Neots won 3-2 on penalties. 
Northern Star   1 2 Northampton Spencer

Premier Division

Boston Town     1 1 Raunds Town 
Buckingham Town 1 0 Deeping Rangers 
Newport Pagnell 1 2 St Ives Town 
S & L Corby     1 0 Wootton Blue Cross 
Stotfold        2 2 Holbeach United 
Yaxley          1 2 Ford Sports Daventry
Cogenhoe avenged two league defeats by Blackstones to make Knockout Cup progress. The home side took charge with two goals in three first half minutes. Elliott Sandy opened the scoring after 18 minutes and youngster Phil Cassidy added a 21st minute second. Dean Foley marked his return from suspension with a 29th minute reply, but five minutes later another Cooks youth product Tom McGowan restored his side's two goal margin. Darren Glover again reduced the arrears five minutes before the interval, but Cogenhoe held on to their lead in a goalless second half.

10th December

Premier Division

Bourne          2 4 Stotfold
Deeping         P P S/L Corby
Desborough      1 1 Blackstones
Holbeach        1 0 Newport Pagnell
N. Spencer      1 2 St Neots
Potton          1 1 Boston
Raunds          1 0 Long Buckby
St Ives         2 4 Buckingham
Woodford       10 0 Harrowby
Wootton         4 1 Cogenhoe

6th December

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 2 0 Ford Sports Daventry 
Deeping Rangers 3 1 Holbeach United 
Spencer         4 2 Desborough Town 
St Neots Town   2 5 Stotfold 
Woodford United 3 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Wootton Blue    1 2 Potton United 
Yaxley          4 2 Bourne Town
This wasn't the preparation the Motormen wanted in the build up to their Vase tie at Crook at the weekend as two second half goals gave the champions a league double over their rivals. Elliott Sandy made the 54th minute breakthrough and teenager Tom McGowan wrapped up the Cooks' victory after 67 minutes. The champions are now fifth in the table.

Cogenhoe: Pete Earl, Brian Page (Dan Thomason), Darren Collins, James Thatcher, Adam Knight, Richard Bunting, Neil Champelovier, Tom McGowan, Simon Underwood, Steve Diggin, Elliott Sandy. Attendance: 52.

3rd December

Premier Division

Blackstones     P P Wootton	
Bourne          1 1 Woodford	
Cogenhoe        2 2 Holbeach	
Ford Sports     P P St Neots	
Long Buckby     0 6 N.Spencer	
Newport Pag.    P P Harrowby	
Potton          3 0 Desborough	
St Ives         1 4 S/L Corby	
Stotfold        3 1 Raunds	
Yaxley          1 0 Buckingham	

Holbeach took the lead half way through the first half. The "Cooks" had good chances to tie the game with simon Underwood twice unable to get his shot away from within the 6 yard box. A minute into the Second half Simon got the equaliser. Twenty minutes later Steve Diggins put the "cooks" into the lead. Ten minutes later Holbeach squared the game again.

26th November

Premier Division

Blackstones     1 1 Potton 
Buckingham      1 3 Cogenhoe
Desborough      4 2 Boston
Harrowby        0 4 Ford Sports
Holbeach        2 3 Stotfold
N Spencer       2 1 S & L Corby
Raunds          1 1 Newport Pagnell
Woodford        2 0 Deeping
Wootton         1 1 Bourne

22nd November

Premier Division

Ford Sports     3 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Potton United   2 1 Cogenhoe United 
St Neots Town   0 2 Raunds Town 
S & L Corby     0 2 Blackstones 
Stotfold        3 1 St Ives Town 
Wootton Blue    3 0 Buckingham Town 
Yaxley          1 0 Deeping Rangers
Premier Division pacesetters Potton opened up a five point lead at the top with a win over the champions. Dave Brown fired the Royals ahead after 20 minutes, only for Rob Goldring to equalise sixty seconds later for Cogenhoe. A 66th minute strike from Paul Garrett gave Potton a double over their fierce rivals.

Cogenhoe: Pete Earl, Dan Burke, Stuart Smeathers, James Thatcher, Jason Burnham, Richard Bunting, Rob Goldring, Tom McGowan (Neil Champelovier), Fazel Koriya, Jim Le Masurier (Simon Underwood), Jamie Wright.

19th November

Premier Division

Cogenhoe         4 1 Raunds 
Deeping          0 1 St Ives
Harrowby         3 5 Woodford
Long Buckby      4 3 Boston
N Spencer        0 1 Bourne
S & L Corby      1 2 Holbeach
Stotfold         3 1 Blackstones

The first 20 minutes was a very scrappy affair with neither side being able to take control of the game. Then half way through the first half a very bad challenge on Elliot Sandy left him requiring hospital treatment, Steve Diggin was bought on as his replacement. Within 5 minutes of Diggins coming on he had given the "Cooks" the lead. The "Cooks" had the ball in the net twice more in the first half but both goals were disallowed. Half way through the second half Raunds were awarded a dubious penalty which Pete Earl manged to block but could not keep out the follow up. Five minutes later the "Cooks" took the lead again when Smethers was brought down in the box for Fazel Koria to convert from the spot. In the last 10 minutes Steve Diggin had 2 more to complete his hatrick.

12th November

Premier Division

Blackstones      4 1 Cogenhoe
Boston           4 1 St Neots
Buckingham       2 2 Bourne
Holbeach         1 2 Raunds
Long Buckby      1 2 Deeping
St Ives          3 0 Ford Sports
Stotfold         0 2 Yaxley
Wootton          5 1 Harrowby

8th November

Premier Division

Boston Town      1 0 Bourne Town 
Cogenhoe United  1 1 Stotfold 
Deeping Rangers  2 2 Raunds Town 
Desborough Town  1 4 Ford Sports Daventry 
Harrowby United  2 2 Holbeach United 
Potton United    3 1 St Neots Town 
St Ives Town     4 1 Wootton Blue Cross 
Yaxley           3 0 Blackstones
Cogenhoe halted a run of home defeats in league and cup action, but a draw with an Eagles side struggling for results hardly marked a return to form for the champions. Rob Goldring gave the Cooks the lead after ten minutes after slipping his marker, but the Eagles bounced back with a 24th minute equaliser from Adrian Bascombe who converted Paul Harrington's corner. Stotfold debutant Steve Graham made a fine save from Ryan Nash to keep the scores level at the break while Cogenhoe were closest to winning the contest after the interval when Jim Le Masurier's shot grazed the post. Stotfold have now gone thirteen seasons without a win at Compton Park.

Cogenhoe: Pete Earl, Dan Burke, Jamie Wright, James Thatcher, Jason Burnham, Neil Champelovier (Simon Underwood), Ryan Nash, Elliott Sandy, Rob Goldring, Jim Le Masurier, Fazel Koriya (Dan Thomason). Attendance: 45.

5th November

Premier Division

Boston           3 0 Wootton
Bourne           1 2 St Ives
Cogenhoe         0 2 Yaxley
Ford Sports      1 2 Holbeach
Harrowby         0 6 Long Buckby
Newport Pagnell  1 0 S/L Corby
N. Spencer       5 0 Stotfold
Potton           2 1 Deeping
Raunds           3 1 Buckingham
St Neots         3 1 Desborough
Woodford         3 2 Blackstones

29th October

FA Vase

Cogenhoe United  0 1 AFC Hornchurch   
Deeping Rangers  0 4 Buxton  
Ford Sports Dave 2 1 Sutton Town 
Gorleston        1 0 Raunds Town
Holbeach United  0 2 Leamington 
Newport Pagnell  0 1 Romford 
Woodford United  3 4 Broxbourne Borough   
Wootton Blue Cro 2 1 Royston Town 
Yaxley           8 1 Southend Manor 

Premier Division 

Blackstones      3 2 St Neots Town  
Buckingham Town  3 2 Boston Town  
Desborough Town  1 3 Northampton Spencer  
Long Buckby      1 3 Bourne Town  
Stewarts & Lloyd 1 4 Potton United  
Stotfold         9 0 Harrowby United  
The "Cooks" had a good chance straight from the kick off producing a fine save from the visiting keepr. With only 5 minutes gone Jamie wright was straight red carded for an elbow. Even with 10 men Cogenhoe had the best of the next ten minutes. Half way throght the first half Hornchuch took the lead with a low soft shot from the edge of the edge of a cowded 18 yard box that crept in at the corner. Hornchurch dominated for the rest of the half. The second half the home side played well and you could not tell that they were a man down. Three Fine saves from Pete earl kept cogenhoe in the game, as did the visiting keeper with the "Cooks" stuggling to find the net

25th October

Premier Division

Boston Town       1 0 Deeping Rangers 
Cogenhoe United   1 4 Woodford United 
Harrowby United   2 6 Yaxley 
Northampton Spenc 3 1 Long Buckby 
Raunds Town       4 1 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby 
St Neots Town     4 1 Potton United 
Stotfold          2 3 Newport Pagnell Town 
Wootton Blue Cros 4 1 Desborough Town 
Woodford blitzed champions Cogenhoe on their own turf to complete a double over the Cooks. Jamie Wright gave Cogenhoe an 18th minute lead but they were pegged back six minutes later by a Ben Milner effort. Russ Dunkley put the Reds ahead after 55 minutes and two minutes later Carl Standen added a third to give Woodford a stranglehold on the game. Neil King completed the scoring after 72 minutes. Cogenhoe: Pete Earl, Russ Douglas (Ollie Wilkinson), Stuart Smeathers (Adam Bridgeford), Nick Hodges, Darren Collins, James Thatcher, Neil Champelovier, Elliott Sandy, Rob Goldring, Jim Le Masurier, Jamie Wright (Dan Thomason). Attendance: 56.

22nd October

Premier Division

Blackstones       3 3 Long Buckby 
Desborough Town   2 1 Deeping Rangers 
Ford Sports Daven 0 1 Cogenhoe United 
Harrowby United   0 8 Buckingham Town 
Potton United     5 2 Bourne Town 
Raunds Town       1 3 Northampton Spencer 
St Ives Town      4 0 Newport Pagnell Town 
Woodford United   0 0 Stotfold 
Wootton Blue Cros 0 0 Holbeach United 
Yaxley            1 1 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby

15th October

Premier Division

Buckingham        1 3 Yaxley	
Deeping Rangers   3 3 Ford Sports	
Desborough        1 2 St Ives	
Holbeach          1 1 N.Spencer	
Long Buckby       6 1 Harrowby	
Newport Pagnell   0 3 Boston	
Potton            4 0 Woodford	
Cogenhoe United   2 3 Blackstones	

11th October

FA Cup

Chasetown          4 3 Cogenhoe 

Premier Division 

 Boston Town       4 0 Harrowby United 
Deeping Rangers    1 4 Bourne Town 
Desborough Town    1 6 Woodford United 
Newport Pagnell    2 5 Potton United 
Yaxley             1 0 St Neots Town  

The league's interest in the FA Cup came to an end after Cogenhoe's battling display saw them narrowly miss out. After fighting back from a goal down in Saturday's first meeting it was more of the same for Cogenhoe as Chasetown struck twice late in the first half to get their noses in front. Carl Edwards opened the scoring after 40 minutes with Lee Bullimore adding a second a minute before the interval. Manager Adam Sandy's team talk worked wonders as the Cooks rallied on resumption. Jim Le Masurier opened the visiting account after 48 minutes and seven minutes later Elliott Sandy squared the contest. In extra time Edwards restored Chasetown's lead after 94 minutes, but Cogenhoe again hauled themselves on terms through Stuart Smeathers on 108 minutes. Parity was to last just three minutes with a hat trick goal from Edwards winning an exciting tie for the Midland Alliance side.

8th October

FA Cup

Leamington         2 0 Woodford United
Cogenhoe United    1 1 Chasetown

Premier Division 

Blackstones FC     1 2 Buckingham Town 
Harrowby United    1 7 St Neots Town 
Holbeach United    0 0 Desborough Town 
Newport Pagnell    1 1 Long Buckby AFC 
Northampton Spence 1 1 Yaxley 
Stewart & Lloyds   2 1 St Ives Town 
Stotfold           2 3 Bourne Town 
Wootton Blue Cross 2 1 Deeping Rangers 
A Seriously depleted Cogenhoe side due to injuries took to the field hoping to make it to the 4th round qualifying of the FA Cup. But in the first half things did not look hopefull after 10 minutes an inswinging corner for chasetown was hit against the cross bar and looked to have been cleared, but the assistant referee deemed that it had crossed the line. Ten minutes later Darren Collins asked to be subsituted to add to the growing list of injuries. Before the end of the half James LeMasurier also asked to come off due to injury. The second half looked brighter with Cogenhoe working hard to get back into the game , but chasetown defended well and frustrated the "Cooks". With only 5 minutes left on the watch Dave Maguire hit a long ball 40 yards+ into the chasetown area which bounced over the advancing keeper and into the net. For the last 5 minutes Cogenhoe kept applying the pressure to try and avoid the replay but the resolute defence held firm.

4th October

Northamptonshire FA Hillier Senior Cup

Cogenhoe United  2 1 Kettering Town
Ford Sports Dave 0 1 Raunds Town
Npton Spencer    5 0 Woodford United
Stewarts & Lloyd 2 0 Brackley Town
Even though it was not a full strength Kettering Town side, It was still an enfatic win for a "Cooks" side that was also missing key players due to injury. If you did not know the two teams played 2 division apart you would have never have guessed it. The "Cooks" dominted for large parts of the game keeping the ball well and making good passing and movement. Kettering took the lead after 13 minutes with a stunning strike from Matt Peacock that few Keepers would have managed to keep out. After they took the lead Cogenhoe started making far more chances with at least 4 good chances that produced fine saves from the Kettering Town Keeper. Eventually the "Cooks" managed to make the break through with Adam Bridgeford scoring his second goal is as many games. Just before half time James LeMasurier scored a contender for goal of the season from about 20yards hit a half lob, half voley that hit the bottom of the upright to go in and put Cogenhoe through to the next round. The second half did not produce any goals with Cogenhoe probably having slightly the better of things with a few missed half chances and a couple of good saves from the visiting Keeper.

1st October

Premier division

Boston Town      1 3 Potton United 
Cogenhoe United  3 0 Harrowby United 
Long Buckby AFC  2 3 Holbeach United 

FA Vase

AFC Kempston Rov 0 3 Colney Heath
Bicester Town    2 0 Buckingham Town
Blackstones      1 2 Racing Club Warwick
Bugbrooke St Mic 0 4 Long Melford
Daventry Town    0 0 Wellington 
After extra time. Wellington won 4-2 on penalties. 
Fakenham Town    0 4 Newport Pagnell Town
Ford Sports Dave 1 0 Atherstone Town
Northampton Spen 1 3 Ipswich Wanderers
Rainworth MW     0 1 Deeping Rangers
Rothwell Corinth 1 3 Welwyn Garden City
St Ives Town     0 2 Woodford United
St Neots Town    0 0 Witham Town
Stotfold         1 4 Gorleston 
Thetford Town    1 4 Wootton Blue Cross
Woodbridge Town  1 4 Raunds Town
Wroxham          0 2 Yaxley 

Champions Cogenhoe are back on top of the Premier Division but made heaby weather of breaking bottom markers Harrowby's dogged resistance. It took Cogenhoe 57th minutes to make the breakthrough with Adam Bridgeford the marksman. Rob Goldring added a second goal after 65 minutes, and eight minutes later the victory was sealed by a third goal from Jim Le Masurier

27th September

FA Cup 2nd round Qualifying Replay

Woodford United   2 2 Redditch United
after extra time. Woodford won 10-9 on penalties. 

Premier Division 
Newport Pagnell   2 2 Ford Sports Daventry 
Northampton Spenc 0 2 Buckingham Town 
Potton United     2 2 Wootton Blue Cross 
Raunds Town       1 1 Stotfold 
St Neots Town     0 1 Cogenhoe United 
Stewarts & Lloyds 2 1 Deeping Rangers 
Yaxley            1 2 St Ives Town 
This important victory at Rowley Park moved the champions level with league leaders Northampton Spencer on the 16 point mark. St Neots created the greater number of openings but the closest they came to a goal was a first half shot from Barry Dellar which rebounded to safety off the crossbar. Cogenhoe secured victory with a 67th minute goal from Elliott Sandy who won the points with a back post header.
St Neots: Stefan Shamlian, Cameron Clark, Russell Lawes, Gary Watts, Nathan Buckland, Jon Hoggett, Barry Dellar (Kevin Moul), Craig Reynolds, Steve Kuhne, Gary Walker, Mark Franklin.
Cogenhoe: James Alger, Dan Thomason, Stuart Smeathers, Russ Douglas, Darren Collins, Tom McGowan, Rob Goldring, Steve Berry, Elliott Sandy, Simon Underwood, Fazel Koriya (Ashley Bradshaw).
Attendance: 65.

24th September

FA Cup 2nd round Qualifying

Cogenhoe United   3 2 Staveley MW
Redditch          1 1 Woodford

Premier Division 

Blackstones FC    5 2 Ford Sports Daventry 
Deeping Rangers   0 2 Buckingham Town 
Desborough Town   3 3 Potton United 
Harrowby United   1 9 Raunds Town 
Holbeach United   0 0 Newport Pagnell Town 
N. Spencer	  2 1 St Ives
Stewart & Lloyds  3 2 St Neots Town 
Stotfold          5 0 Long Buckby AFC 
Wootton Blue      1 0 Boston Town 

The "Cooks" Looked the brighter to start with with a shot almost straight from the Staveley MW kick off. 5 Minutes into the game Elliot Sandy was brought down in the area by the last defender who only received a yellow card. Fazel stepped up to take the resulting spot kick to put the "Cooks" into the lead. 5 Minutes later Simon Underwood headed on for Darren Collins to double the lead. Staveley started to get a little more grip on the game when a minute before half time Simon underwood beat the off side trap to go one on one with the keeper to make it three nil. Staverly started to take more control of the game in the second half when 10 minutes in they got a goal back. A further 10 minutes later they bought the game to 3 2. After 25 minutes there was a scuffle on the pitch with Darren Collins recieving a yellow card, The Staveley player also recieved a yellow card which was his second of the game and left Staveley a man down. Even with 10 men the visitors continued to press looking for the vital equaliser. With 10 minutes left a good counter attack from the "Cooks" gave Elliot the chance to end the tie when he was one on one withe keeper who made a fine save to keep the tie alive. The "Cooks" managed to hang on to put there name in the hat for the 3rd round qualifying draw.

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17th September

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United    2 1 Desborough Town  
Potton United      4 1 Harrowby United  
Raunds Town        2 3 Ford Sports Daventry  
Stewarts & Lloyds  2 0 v Woodford United  

F.A. Vase  
Blackstones        1 0 Dunkirk
Boston Town        0 2 Nuneaton Griff 
Bourne Town        1 2 Shirebrook Town
Buckingham Town    3 1 Barkingside
Deeping Rangers    2 1 Stapenhill 
Godmanchester Rove 1 2 St Neots Town
Hoddesdon Town     0 1 Yaxley 
Huntingdon Town    1 3 St Margaretsbury  
London Colney      4 1 Eynesbury Rovers
Northampton Spence 3 0 Cranfield United
Sawbridgeworth Tow 2 0 Long Buckby
Tring Athletic     1 1 Stotfold
Ware               1 3 Newport Pagnell Town 
Wootton Blue Cross 2 0 Stansted
Desborough fought well to contain the "Cooks", But the home side managed to break the deadlock after 20 minutes when Elliot Sandy headed on for fazel to finish well at the far post. The lead was short lived though when Desborough scrabled in less than a minute later to tie the game at 1-1. After 30 minutes Elliot was substituted with an injury. After half time fazel also failed to rejoin the game also with an injury. Neiter side could break the other down in the second half with Desborough with the slightly better chances. With only 2 minutes left on the watch Rob Goldring made a good run in to the box only to be brought down. Darren Collins stepped up to take the resulting spot kick, Darren shot low to the left with the keeping diving the wrong way making it 2-1 and all 3 points to the "Cooks"

10th September

FA Cup

Cogenhoe United    4 2 Clapham
Northampton Spence 1 2 Aylesbury
Potton             0 1 Leyton
Woodford United    5 0 Harwich & Parkeston

Premier Division 

Deeping Rangers    3 0 Long Buckby AFC 
Desborough Town    3 5 Buckingham Town 
Ford Sports Davent 0 1 Boston Town 
Holbeach United    5 0 Stewart & Lloyds Corby 
Newport Pagnell To 1 0 Blackstones FC 
St Ives Town       0 5 Bourne Town 
Yaxley             0 1 Raunds Town
With less than 5 minutes on the clock Clapham took the lead when a 20 Yard shot across the ground bobbled in to the bottom right hand corner. After 25 minutes rob Goldrings lob across the face of goal was headed in at the far post by Fazel Koria to tie the game. Less than a minute later A good through pass put Elliot 1 on 1 with the keeper, Elliot hit it well and the keeper just got a finger to it but it crept in of the post to put the "cooks" in the lead. 10 minutes later a rash challenge in the box gave the visitors the chance to level the game from the spot. The penalty was hit straight down the centre to tie the game. Deep into first half stoppage time Darren Collins gave the "Cooks" the lead to take into half time. The second half was quite even with very few chances for either side, Infact the "Cooks" did not have a shot on goal till very late on. On 75 minutes Darren Collins was straight red carded for a dubious elbow on the Clapham right back. 2 minutes later Elliot had the chance to increase the lead when he was bought down right on the edge of the 18 yard box and was awareded a penalty. He stepped up himself to take it and hit the cross bar and went over. on 90 minutes the "Cooks" played a short corner to try to waste some time but Elliot took the ball into the box and played a low ball across the mouth of the goal for Fazel Koria to tap in at the far post completly unmarked to make it 4-2. In stoppage time Clapham were also reduced to 10 men when there player dived in with a Malicious late tackle.

6th September

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United    2 3 Potton United 
Deeping Rangers    4 3 Boston Town 
Ford Sports Davent 3 0 Desborough Town 
Harrowby United    2 3 Blackstones 
Northampton Spence 1 0 Woodford United 
Stewarts & Lloyds  1 3 Yaxley 
Stotfold           2 4 St Neots Town 
Wootton Blue Cross 4 1 St Ives Town
Potton got the result at Compton Park that they wanted four months before at The Hollow! Defender Ian Morrison gave the Royals a 14th minute advantage, which was cancelled out by Fazel Koriya after 26 minutes. Parity was shortlived as Dave Brown restored Potton's advantage within five minutes. Cogenhoe equalised a second time after 47 minutes through Simon Underwood, but the Bedfordshire side won the contest two minutes from time, Glen Crook the matchwinner after keeper Pete Earl spilled a corner.

3rd September

Premier Division

Blackstones        2 2 Yaxley 
Boston Town        5 5 Desborough Town  
Bourne Town        1 4 Cogenhoe United  
Buckingham Town    2 3 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby  
Harrowby United    0 4 St Ives Town 
Long Buckby        4 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Potton United      2 1Northampton Spencer 
Raunds Town        0 1 Holbeach United 
St Neots Town      1 1 Deeping Rangers 
Stotfold           0 4 Woodford United 
Wootton Blue Cross 3 0 Ford Sports Daventry 

Reserve League Cup
Burton Park Wanderers Res  1 4 Cogenhoe United Reserves  
Holbeach United Reserves   2 0 Eynesbury Rovers Reserves 
Olney Town Reserves        3 2 Spalding United Reserves 
Division One
AFC Kempston Rovers        2 2 Peterborough Northern Star 
Bugbrooke St Michaels      2 1 Thrapston Town 
Eynesbury Rovers           1 5 Olney Town 
Higham Town                3 1 Huntingdon Town 
Northampton ON Chenecks    4 0 Burton Park Wanderers 
Northampton Sileby Rangers 1 7 Daventry Town 
Sleaford Town              1 2 Wellingborough Town 2004 
Whitworths                 7 1 Blisworth 
Reserve Division One
Desborough Town Reserves     1 2 Blackstones Reserves  
Ford Sports Daventry Reserv  2 2 Whitworths Reserves  
Newport Pagnell Town Reserve 3 0 Raunds Town Reserves  
 Rothwell Town Reserves      0 2 Northampton Spencer Reserves  
Stewarts & Lloyds Corby Rese 1 3 Bourne Town Reserves  
Yaxley Reserves              0 2 Stotfold Reserves 
Reserve Division Two
Daventry Town Reserves       3 1 Higham Town Reserves  
Huntingdon Town Reserves     0 1 Thrapston Town Reserves  
Rothwell Corinthians Reserve 1 2 Northampton ON Chenecks Reserves  
Wellingborough Town Reserves 4 5 Long Buckby Reserves  
Woodford United Reserves     1 0 Irchester United Reserves  

Premier kings Cogenhoe turned in an impressive display at the Abbey Lawn to dispose of a Wakes side which headed them in the morning table. Bourne had Scott Cunningham sent off before the interval but by then the visitors already had a stranglehold on the contest. Rob Goldring's 20th minute opener for Cogenhoe was quickly followed by a second goal from Elliott Sandy two minutes later. Sandy made it three from the penalty spot after 35 minutes, and Goldring scored his second ten minutes from time. Miles Mason scored a last minute Bourne consolation.

27th August

FA Cup

Bromsgrove Rovers  4 1 Bourne Town 
Cogenhoe United    4 1 Hanwell Town 
Deeping Rangers    0 0 Norton United 
Harlow Town        4 2 Newport Pagnell Town 
Holbeach United    0 2 Boldmere St Michaels
Long Eaton United  4 2 Boston Town  
Raunds Town        0 2 Beaconsfield SYCOB
St Neots Town      1 4 Hemel Hempstead Town
Stotfold           1 2 Clapton
Tiptree United     2 3 Potton United  
Ware               2 4 Northampton Spencer
Willenhall Town    1 0 Blackstones  
Woodford United    1 0 Wisbech Town  
Wootton Blue Cross 1 1 Barton Rovers  
Premier Division 

Stewarts & Lloyds Corby 3 1 Harrowby United  
Division One
AFC Kempston Rovers   1 2 Northampton ON Chenecks  
Blisworth             2 3 Eynesbury Rovers  
 Burton Park Wanderer 1 1 Bugbrooke St Michaels  
Daventry Town         1 4 Whitworths  
Huntingdon Town       0 1 Northampton Sileby Rangers  
Olney Town            1 3 Sleaford Town  
Peterborough Northern 7 1 Higham Town  
Rothwell Corinthians  0 3 Wellingborough Town 2004  

The "Cooks" started the brighter with most of the possesion and a few early chances. The deadlock was broken on the "Cooks" third corner of the game after 10 minutes where the ball was headed into their own net by Anthony Lowlands. The "cooks" continued to dominate and the lead was doubled after half an our by Elliot Sandy. Hanwell came out after the break and looked more lively and started to pressure the cogenhoe goal, they were awarded a penalty 10 minutes into the second half when the "cooks" were adjugded to have handled the ball from a cross this was about the only thing Pete Earl had to do in the entire game stop a penalty, but Hanwell scored to make it 2-1. On 75 minutes The "cooks" were 3 agains 2 in the Hanwell area and Danial Thomason tapped in to make it 3-1. Shortly afterwards the "cooks" were awarded a penalty by the lines man for a late chalenge, for Brian Page to step up to make it 4-1.

23rd August

Premier Division

Boston Town     1 0 Blackstones 
Deeping Rangers 2 3 Harrowby United 
Desborough Town 2 1 Long Buckby 
Newport Pagnell 0 2 St Neots Town 
Spencer         1 1 Wootton Blue Cross 
Potton United   0 0 Raunds Town 
Woodford United 3 0 Cogenhoe United 
Yaxley          5 1 Holbeach United 
F.A. Cup  
Ford Sports     1 2 Borrowash Victoria
Stotfold        3 3 Bowers & Pitsea  
2-2 at 90 minutes. Stotfold won 4-2 on penalties.   
Division One 
Thrapston Town 2 0 Higham Town 

Woodford have proved something of a bogey side for Cogenhoe in recent seasons and they inflicted a first Premier Division defeat in 16 outings on the champions in this Byfield Road contest. Carl Standen opened the scoring after 22 minutes, and the lead was doubled by skipper Adam Knight ten minutes before half time. With a quarter of an hour remaining Russ Dunkley sealed a famous victory for the Reds.

20th August

Premier Division

Blackstones     0 5 Northampton Spencer 
Cogenhoe United 3 2 Deeping Rangers 
Harrowby United 3 3 Newport Pagnell Town 
Holbeach United 3 1 Potton United 
Raunds Town     3 0 Bourne Town 
S & L           0 1 Boston Town 
1st Duvision
Blisworth           2 0 AFC Kempston Rovers 
Bugbrooke St Michae 1 0 Higham Town 
Burton Park Wandere 1 2 Sleaford Town 
Eynesbury Rovers    2 0 Irchester United 
Peterborough Northe 1 2 Rothwell Corinthians 
Wellingborough Town 4 2 Huntingdon Town 

The champions are in no mood to surrender their title - they made it seven points out of nine with this defeat of Rangers. Darren Collins opened the scoring for Cogenhoe after 29 minutes and a penalty from Brian Page doubled the lead eight minutes before half time. Rangers were back in the game at the interval though, Carl Griffiths scoring on 42 minutes. Simon Underwood's 73rd minute effort sealed Cogenhoe's success before Aaron Last netted an 87th minute Rangers consolation.

16th August

Premier Division

Cogenhoe United 1 1 Newport Pagnell Town 
Harrowby United 0 7 Boston Town 
Potton United   1 2 St Ives Town 
Raunds Town     3 1 Desborough Town 
St Neots Town   1 2 Yaxley 
S & L           0 5 Northampton Spencer 
Woodford United 0 0 Ford Sports Daventry 
Wootton Blue    1 2 Stotfold 
Premier champions Cogenhoe dropped their first points of the new season as Newport Pagnell's new look side shared the spoils at Compton Park. The two goals arrived in the space of a minute in the first half. Elliott Sandy fired the champions ahead after 29 minutes but an immediate response saw Swans skipper Tom Hill level on the half hour to keep Newport's unbeaten record intact.

13th August

Premier Division

Boston Town     2 1 Long Buckby 
Bourne Town     1 1 Wootton Blue Cross 
Buckingham Town 0 0 Raunds Town 
Deeping Rangers 1 2 Potton United 
Desborough Town 0 1 St Neots Town 
Ford Sports     1 1 Blackstones 
Newport Pagnell 2 1 Holbeach United 
Spencer         7 1 Harrowby United 
St Ives Town    1 0 Woodford United 
Stotfold        3 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby 
Yaxley          0 1 Cogenhoe United  

Two of the league's big guns met at Leading Drove and champions Cogenhoe achieved something that eluded them in their title winning campaign - a win over the Cuckoos!
In an evenly matched game the "Cooks" had the best of the first half an hour with 2 early half chances going wide. Yaxley improved towards the end of the half but with no real threat. The best chance fell to Darren Collins with about 5 minutes remaining of the first half when he turned and shot from 8 yards out which deflected out for a corner. The second half started with Yaxley looking slightly more likely to take the lead, but on the hour mark a free kick from Brian page about 25 yards out was headed in at the far post by Central defender Nick Hodges. Yaxley kept pushing for an equaliser but the result stayed at 1-0.